Shorts movies, videoclips and commercials produced by Jungle of Sharks

Wil Helm’s The War videoclip (available mid-May)

Wil Helm’s Recognition videoclip

Les Ombres Parallèles teaser

On April 19th, my latest short movie, For Better or For Worst, won the best film award at the CCVB film festival.

Based from the footage of Self Rescue, this clip was presented for the 2014 Doritos commercial contest.

Céline France and Jocelin Haas play, with a perfect complicity, two people who meet while they are stuck for an entire night in revolving doors.

Best achievement winner at the FFISS, "4" tells the story of a man going trough the four stages of a trauma. Starring Louis Courchesne in an incredible performance, this movie, even if it's technically simple, demonstrates that a close collaboration between the director and the actor are essential to grab the viewers attention.

"NSA", it's about this man who reveals mind-blowing information he obtained about d'Edward Snowdown, the man who revealed millions of secret NSA, documents. Perfectly comfortable in this role, Christopher Tyson knocks himself out.

Commercial for Canadian car company HTT Super Car

Commercial for Canadian car company HTT Super Car